Tailor-made panels


Insulated panels for roof and wall in all thicknesses, lenghts and colours

Do you need insulated panels for roof or wall and our stock articles or special offers does not suit your needs? If you need more than 250m² we can offer you tailor-made panels. You just have to enter the thickness, length, RAL-colour and the core material you need and we will send you an offer. If you need a smaller amount than 250m², please have a look at our stock articles.

If you have any basic questions about the composition or the usage of insulated panels, we recommend reading our text "What you need to know about insulated panels for walls and roofs".

The following table lists all options for a tailor-made production:

  Insulated roof panels Insulated wall panels

(*for roof panels the core-thickness is meant)

30mm - 150mm 40mm - 200mm
Lengths 2.5m - 14m
Width 1.000 m 1.150m
Core material Polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurat (PIR), rock wool (non-flammable)
Sheet thickness of external shell 0.4mm-0.6mm
Sheet thickness of internal shell 0.4mm-0.6 mm
RAL-colour List of RAL colours
Type of surface Trapeziodal, ECO (Aluminium foiled-back), tile profile Eurobox, micro, double, smooth
Type of fixing --- secret fixing, open fixing

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We offer tailor-made production starting from 250 m² per product. Unfortunately we cannot process smaller requests! Please have a look at our stock articles , special offers or give us a call.

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