About panel sell International

panel sell Ltd - Your source for composite sandwich panels, roof sheets, halls, light panels, flashings, screws and doors.

With an extensive and international multi-year experience in the field of sandwich panels, we offer expert advice in the execution of your projects. Whether you are cladding your garage or building a commercial space, we can offer both 1st and 2nd-choice (A-grade and B-grade) panels to suit your needs.

Through close co-operation with various manufacturers in Europe, we will always ensure that we find for you, be it large or small, always the right solution with our first or second-choice panels.

We can deliver our goods and also provide accessories, doors as well as insulated and uninsulated translucent panels.

We can also offer the following special products:

  • Roof panels with fiberglass or aluminium-foiled backed sheets;
  • Insulated and trapezoidal sheets with wood aesthetic;
  • Roofpanels with mounting for integration with solar-panels;
  • Wall panels with food-safe coating;
  • Insulated panels in stainless steel;
  • Insulated panels in aluminium; and
  • Insulated panels for cold and freezer room areas.

We have facilities in Germany, Poland, Belgium, UK, France, Spain to have a combined active stock of over 40.000sqm that can be quickly and easily dispatched to your choice of location.

We have treated a large number of international clients across Europe and overseas, and can offer you fast, convenient transportation services. If required, we are also able to take care of all customs fomalities for you.

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