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COLD / COOL ROOM panels: B-grade, DELIVERY worldwide

Price / m²
ZAR 251,72
  • Available quantity: 800
  • B-grade (2nd grade condition)
  • Length: 2,5 m - 6 m
  • Width: 1,15 m
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100mm & 120mm, 2.5m & 6m lengths, 1m & 1.15m wide

Minimum order:     40ft GP container

Typ:                     wall & freezer panels
Quality:                B-grade
Foam:                  PUR B3
Sheet:                  0.6/0.4
Colour:                  Mixed / white RAL 9002

Usage:                 cladding, partition walls, cold rooms, freezers, desaster relief housing

Prices:                  ex-yard Belgium

Delivery worldwide

Package information

Quantity Length Width Area (sqm) Colour (both sides)
10 2,5 m 1,15 m 28,75 m² Mixed / white
10 6 m 1,15 m 69 m² Mixed / white

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COLD / COOL ROOM panels: B-grade, DELIVERY worldwide
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