Acoustic and Fire Rated panels

Steinwolle PaneeleWe can deliver at last-minute rockwool panels (A-grade production and B-grade surplus stock) for sound insulation and fire protection.

Sandwich panels from rockwool (mineral wool)

Rockwool or mineral wool panels are sandwich panels whose sheets are connected firmly with rockwool insulation. These panels are therefore highly resilient composite panels that have both load-bearing and insulating functions.

The panels insulation are made of around 95 - 99 % molten rock, and pulled into threads to obtain a fibrous structure. The fibres are evenly distibruted to ensure that the shear strength is kept constant.

Rockwool as fire protection and insulation

Rockwool panels are used in areas where fire protection requirements are needed. The rockwool panels can be installed either as an internal / external firewall, suspended ceiling, and as a roof structure.

These panels can be laid vertically and horizontally due to its end joints. These panels can also be used for basic insulation of existing buildings.

Structure and classification of rockwool panels

Building material classification according to EN 13501-1

  • A2s1d0 (the panel)
  • A1 (rockwool panel as insulation core)

A1 or A2 for a non-combustible material
B, C, D, E for a combustible material, where B is lowest combustibility.

A1 is the highest class and is not combined with any additional class. The other 
classes are always combined with the following additional classes which indicate 
the product's ability to produce smoke and flaming droplets and particles. 

s1 – the structural element may produce a very limited amount of combustion gases
s2 – the structural element may produce a limited amount of combustion gases
s3 – no requirement for limited production of smoke
d0 – flaming droplets and particles may not be produced by the structural element
d1 – a limited amount of flaming droplets and particles may be produced by the 
structural element

Acoustic panels from rockwool (Mineralwool)

Panels with rockwool insulation can also ensure peace in operation. With its core material properties, the panels can offer first-class sound absorption values, and good themal insulation

The acoustic perforations on the flat inner surface of the panels means that they should only be used for inside walls, as the outside sheet is not air-tight.

On request we can offer you a range of fire protection or acoustic panels made to your requirements in length, thickness and most RAL-colour tones. We are also able to offer special price products and cancelled orders.

Rockwool sandwich panel Wall with open fixing joints

Rockwool roof panel

Rockwool sandwich wall panels with secret fixing joints

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